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Old-age woman a Social Mother …
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Old-age woman a Social Mother

Rehtom Foundations dedicated to Old-age Citizen of India specially unprivileged Old-age Woman, we called and belief her as "Social Mothers" an essential person of society, being a human we must love your mother and our deep emotional expression need a special voice to pronounce that Divine feel of heart.

Our existence specks a enormous story of our great mother, her sacrifice for a children is Inimitable and all the mothers doing same and similar sort of efforts, it’s a unique and divine wisdom of Mother.

Our Moral and ethics toward our Natural Creator “Woman” can craft a civic Society, Country or this World; without humbleness, sympathy, humanity this whole world look like a world of wild animal.

We pay grateful thank to all the mothers for making this beautiful world and humbly salute for her gracious and noble contribution to this world, we must be thankful to her for everything she did for us.... with the lots of emotions,

lot's of feeling, lot's of affection and deep love she craft us. you... the hug feel the real care and reality of emotion, pure love and a divine kind of humbleness and lots of sparkling feeling can craft a mother and a Mother craft this universe for us, just think our birth is establishment of this whole universe, if I am not exist, how can this world I will realise.

Rehtom is a way to find mother in common woman… you can read reverse of Rehtom and find a Mother in every street of society, it’s an small effort of reciprocate our adorable, devoted, love, care, affection and purest feel of this Universe.

Let’s join the "Rehtom Foundations” and express feeling toward your loving mother & caring motheRehtom…

Our existence specks a enormous story of our great mother, her sacrifice for a children is Inimitable, she is also a woman and being a woman all old age woman seems like mother Our Moral and care toward our Natural Creator “Woman” our Society, our Country, our world love them and similarly . have mother and your presence on this earth because of her.

you must be thankful to her for everything she did for you... lots of emotions,
lot's of feeling, lot's of deep love she devoted for you... feel the reality of care with
emotion of your mother join the "Rehtom Foundations " to express your feeling toward
your loving & caring mom... its beginning of care and your mother… must deserve
it… Craft a special world of sentiment toward mother and children relation... rehtoMother

How We Work

Old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance.

Rehtom Foundation is one of the social welfare society registered under Registration Act, 1860 of India founded by the people who is serving society by their own small –small part of India with his/her own pocket and Rehtom Foundation not taking/accepting any grant from Government or foreign country even not engaged with that kind of registrations such as 80C, FEMA etc.

Government aid is fine, Foreign fund is not evil. But it doesn't belong here. Not in rehtom foundations.

Rehtom Foundations is pure feel for society, here we are gifting not donating, here we are giving from heart not from pocket.

Here we heartily take social responsibility toward elders, we are working like worship. Rehtom mean a homely feel for old age people and we understand significance of this cause, we are conscious for sentiment of old-age people and we know we are on the way of same aging factor. Here we are creating a dreamland for elders or continue aging people; Rehtom is shadow of mother here care with sentiments, responsible by nature and efforts from heart.

When we name Rehtom Foundations, I have thinks lot how to name a society that mean pure care and finally realise that non-other than “mother” representing pure care, love and affection and I found name REHTOM as shadow of Mother (reverse spelling) and as the name we decided to do something effective & different from far-away from so-called big NGOs or welfare groups, We all are well- working people decided to pool from own pocket and devote some time for society and we are fulfilling our mission efficiently.

We supporting elders with “hundred percent fund utilization for cause” basis from rural area, we have zero expenditure expenses since we all are voluntarily supporting rehtom foundation with all of our hearts. But most of the time we feel “our hands are too short for this big cause” there are lots of elders in need of fundamentals facilities/goods and services and unfortunately we have limited resources.

As we belief that sensitively donations by own pocket make a difference, We cannot ask for donation but if you’re feeling same sentiments toward elders of can help them as responsible human being and you are welcome to Rehtom Foundations. And for this you can consider making a donation of Rs.100, Rs.500, Rs.1000 or whatever you can to protect and sustain old age people of society.


A man does not die of love or his liver or even of old age; he dies of being a man.

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